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A Highly Personalized Financial Planning Experience

What We Do

We help you achieve financial freedom in a manner that suits your style. 

Bshapiro Financial is an independent financial services firm. We provide comprehensive financial planning, including written financial plans, investment management, estate planning, retirement income planning and risk management. We also offer online tools so you can monitor your progress.

Our corporate slogan—Trust, Confidence, Results-- impacts every step we take with you. Our mantra: Earn your trust. Inspire confidence in our recommendations. Help you get the results you desire.

We collaborate with your accountant, attorney and your other professionals, or recommend professionals from our network of trusted contacts.

Our staff is guided by the principals of behavioral finance, where we seek to understand what motivates you—desire for success or fear of failure—and work within your comfort level.

We carefully explain your options and make sure you come away with a fuller understanding. To borrow a phrase from the education field, we teach to the rate of the learner. After all, knowledge properly applied is power.

Trust  •  Confidence  •  Results

Wealth Builders

Individuals launching or growing a business face unique challenges, balancing business goals with the needs of their families. Investing in their future means carefully managing cash flow and making difficult choices. They need an advisor who can help them develop a plan and keep them on track.

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Working professionals between the ages of 45 and 55, who have had strong careers but fear a significant change due to layoffs, automation, buyouts or burnout. They are in need of a complete financial assessment.

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Clients who are at or near retirement and hope to maintain their current lifestyle. They are concerned about the increasing costs of living and the risk of making a financial mistake and not having the time to compensate for it.

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