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My Team

Barry Shapiro

CLU®, ChFC®, REBC®, RHU®, AIF®, CASL® President, Financial Planner

(516) 342-6566

(516) 342-6571

Barry Shapiro has been advising clients since 1991, and brings an enthusiastic vision to Bshapiro Financial. Barry received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the City College of New York, and spent more than a decade in...

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Aurora Krauciunas

Client Service Manager

(516) 342-6566

(516) 342-6571

Aurora Krauciunas has been providing Ritz Carlton level client service at Bshapiro Financial for more than a decade. Account establishment, transfers, distributions, beneficiary name it and Aurora takes care of it, with...
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Akil Lamy

Financial Planning Associate

516 342-6566

516 342-6571

Akil Lamy is our internal advanced planning associate. He joined us in June 2018. Akil brings to Bshapiro Financial five years’ experience in wealth management; front-line customer service in the retail industry; and worked in...

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Corinne Allen

Administrative Assistant

Corinne Allen joined Bshapiro Financial in January 2019 as our administrative assistant. Cori has a diverse background, including five years’ experience as a customer service/account manager for an international...

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Commonwealth Financial Network® Advanced Planning Team

Maureen Baxter, MBA, CLU®, ChFC®

Advanced Planning Consultant

Martin Baker, CFP® 

Advanced Planning Consultant

David Haughton, JD

Advanced Planning Consultant

Anna Hays, JD, LLM

Advanced Planning Consultant

Keven DuComb, JD, MBA

Advanced Planning Consultant

Krista Teegarden, CLU, ChFC

Advanced Planning Consultant

Mike Baum, CFP®

Advanced Planning Consultant

Commonwealth Financial Network® Research Team

Brad McMillan, CFA®, CAIA, MAI

Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer

Brian Price, CFA®

Senior Vice President, Investment Management and Research

Chad LaFauci, CFA®, CAIA

Vice President, Alternative Investments

Jim McAllister, CFA®

Director, Equity Research

Fred DeBaets

Portfolio Manager, Investment Management and Research

Tom Scarlata

Research Associate, Investment Management and Research

Peter Essele, CFA®, CAIA, CFP®

Vice President, Investment Management and Research

Chris Fasciano

Portfolio Manager, Investment Management and Research

Anuradha Gaggar, CFA®, FRM®

Senior Research Analyst, Equity

Andrew Kitchings, CAIA, ERP

Portfolio Manager, Investment Management and Research

Brian McCormick, CIMA®

Manager, Investment Management and Research

Chris Stuart, CFA®

Senior Research Analyst, Equity

Nicholas Follett

Manager, Fixed Income

Rob Swanke, CFA®, CAIA

Research Analyst, Fixed Income

Mick Comiskey, CAIA

Investment Risk Analyst, Investment Management and Research

Robert Kane, CAIA

Senior Research Analyst, Alternatives

Eduardo Ciuffo, CFA®

Research Analyst, Real Assets

Nathan Parker, CFA®, CAIA

Senior Research Analyst, Real Assets

Sam Millette

Research Analyst, Fixed Income

Peter Roberto

Research Associate, Equity

Thomas Ryan

Research Analyst, Equity