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Changes in technology, the workplace and society have left many professionals worried about their jobs and earning potential at a time when they should be at the height of their careers. They are concerned they may soon experience downsizing, layoffs, buyouts or burnout. To help them manage a transition, they are in need of a complete financial assessment, including evaluating cash flow needs, planning goals, transition liquidity needs and a loss of employer benefits.

 What’s Important to those In-Transition

  • Maintaining a lifestyle and saving for impending life events without a job
  • Paying for college and possibly graduate school for children
  • Managing cash flow
  • Having walk-away funds
  • Bonus planning
  • Making employee benefit decisions
  • Maximizing investments and asset allocation, but with a keen eye toward risk management in case of market downturns
  • Monitoring Qualified plans
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Reviewing legal documents
  • Understanding how to manage consumer debt (HELOCs and credit cards)
  • Evaluating job offers
  • Addressing matrimonial issues (divorce; second marriage)
  • Planning for unforeseen events

How We Can Help

  • Detailed financial plans, available online 24/7
  • Risk management
  • Business plan consulting
  • Corporate formation
  • Corporate retirement plans
  • Buy-Out provisions
  • Estate planning (review of existing documents)
  • Stock option planning