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Are You a Good Person to Know?

Are You a Good Person to Know?

| May 17, 2021

As a subscriber to the superb newsletter from Diana De Jesus, the creator of The Customer Success Project, I recently enjoyed perhaps the best blog ever read on personal branding. The author, multi-talented customer experience expert, career coach and health-habit maven Cairo Amani, began her essay with the bold statement, “I’m a good person to know.” Her path to this level of confidence, skills and know-how provides superb personal marketing insights translatable to your career.

Cairo humbly admits that a just few years ago she was struggling in anonymity with her career path. After careful examination, she realized she was not passionate about her work in customer support but loved recruiting, coaching and nurturing the talent she brought aboard.

From there, Cairo made sincere professional connections within her industry, attending events and talking shop with her peers. This led to her involvement running a networking group, and later building a networking community, ThriveNetwork,  for professional women whose careers center on the strength of their customer relationships. With a passion for the written word, Cairo began a blog about Customer Success. That opened the doors for speaking opportunities, roundtables, and podcasts.

What struck me is Cairo’s spirit of giving first, then getting. Being a good person to know is a cornerstone of my business and personal life. I don’t need to be the center of attention, just a great go-to person when someone is in need. Like Cairo, I work diligently on creating strong and sincere relationships with other professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, who can help my clients first—and maybe there will be a reciprocation of some sort, now or in the future, directly or indirectly. I enjoy knowing people who know things I don’t and will share their knowledge with me. That’s not something I can expect unless I behave in a sincere and giving manner.

But being nice and sincere and giving is not enough for a distinctive professional brand. You’ve got to have the goods: The knowledge, the know-how, the ability to refer opportunities to other professionals, and, like Diana and Cairo, the ability to listen keenly to the customer and deliver an exceptional result.

If you feel stuck professionally, ask yourself the Cairo Amani question: Are you a good person to know?